Going on Two Wheels: What Can be Done About the Shortage of Car Parts?

If you’ve driven on the interstate in the last two years, you’ve most likely driven past a lot filled with brand-new cars. At first, it was an odd sight, but now it’s become common to see hundreds of F-150s in neat rows as far as the eye can see. This is because of the chip shortage that began during the pandemic and has yet to be resolved. As a result of people being quarantined and the demand for cars simultaneously dropping, chip manufacturers thought it best to lessen the number of chips being produced. Unfortunately, it’s now clear that they were wrong to do so.

With producers being understaffed and demand for automobile chips so high, it’s impossible for manufacturers to catch up with the orders. This has also directly affected other vehicle parts, meaning that car repairs that used to take a couple of days now take weeks or months due to part shortages. So whether you want to fix your old car or buy a new one, you may have to wait.

The question is: could this have been prevented?

This problem would have happened no matter what. The impact could have lessened by utilizing warehouses. Instead, chips are sitting in storage containers waiting to be unloaded worldwide. Unfortunately, manufacturers lose hundreds of thousands of dollars by having their products sit in the ocean.

Here at Dream Logistics, we offer warehousing solutions for any product that either needs to be stored or held until the time comes for it to be picked up by a truck. The money spent on warehousing pales in comparison to the cost of financing ships to carry products from weeks on end. 

If you’ve seen our other blogs, this message isn’t a new one.

If you are a business having difficulty transporting your product, look no further than Dream Logistics for your warehousing needs.

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