Pour Decisions: Why You Should be Using a Warehouse to Store Your Wine and Spirits

The Pandemic caused a major issue in most supply chains. Suddenly it seemed as though products were continuously disappearing from shelves with no real explanation of where they had gone. One of those products was wine and spirits. While the demand for alcohol quickly rose, the supply could not keep up, forcing liquor stores across the county to close their doors. To this day, the issue has not been fully resolved, with many wine and spirits stores still struggling to stay fully stocked. While liquor stores are not to blame, the question must be asked: what’s wrong with the supply chain?


Take the example of Portocork out of Napa, California. They are one of the largest cork suppliers for the North American wine industry. However, supply chain issues have caused them some major headaches. Their typical process is to ship containers of cork from Portugal to a port in Oakland. However, they have now been forced to ship to the east coast and use trucks to transport the cork to Napa. Doesn’t that sound expensive? Well, you would be correct. A shipment that used to cost 2,500 dollars now costs over 14,500 dollars. The growing cost is only one of the significant factors affecting Portocork. Orders that used to take seven weeks to order and receive are now taking over seventeen weeks. That’s over four months! There’s also a shortage of bottles, bottle top wrappers, and labels. 


There are many explanations for the current shortages. Whether it’s a smaller pool of truck drivers or products stuck on shipping vessels, it is difficult to know the best solution. However, effective warehousing could make a huge difference. For example, the glass and cork needed to bottle wine and spirits are often stuck on a shipping vessel because there’s nowhere else for them to go. With the warehousing Dream Logistics offers, those bottles and corks could be stored in our warehouses and shipped out to locations when needed. Some products aren’t even being shipped in the first place because there is no end destination. Warehousing can also give companies a stop along the way to a location further down the road. Portocork is a perfect picture of a company that needs as much warehousing space as possible. 


Louisville is a central location to many major cities, making it a perfect place to find warehousing space. Dream Logistics can work with you to fit your needs. It’s a poor decision to let the product sit around waiting when it could be on the shelves and purchased by consumers. Let Dream Logistics be the next good choice you make today.

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