Scaling Your TikTok Shop: From Hobby to Full-time Business

Discover and Promote What Sets Your Shop Apart

If you didn’t think your product was special, you wouldn’t have started your own shop. With over 1 billion users worldwide, the only way to stand out on TikTok is to showcase what makes your product and content different from everything else. This is where you have to learn to utilize the primary form of communication TikTok offers: short-form video content.

TikTok is all about taking the latest trends and innovating new ideas to influence others. There’s a reason they call the most followed TikTok users “influencers.” When trying to sell your product on a TikTok shop, the motivation to reach people should be the same. You are looking for unique ways to reach your audience by utilizing your one-of-a-kind personality in each of your videos. Just make sure when you share your product in a video that you are embedding the product listing for users to easily access! People enjoy buying a great product, but they enjoy it even more when they buy it from someone they relate to and respect.

Identify Whether You are an Official Shop or a Brand Shop

If you are the creator of the product you’re selling and looking to enhance the growth of your shop, it might be a good idea to get set up as an official TikTok Shop account. What this means is that your storefront will seamlessly work with your TikTok business account. This gives you significantly more control over what is happening with your shop. With an official shop account, you can also enroll in the Affiliate program, allowing you to bring in other users to sell your product as well. This type of shop does require more hands-on attention to make sure you are reaching your goals and that affiliates are following your guidelines.

On the flip side, your shop may solely sell products from other brands. This can be a great way to simply share products you’ve found to be useful for you or to promote a brand that you love. Either way, if you want to sell products from other brands on your TikTok shop, you have to get brand authorization. It’s one thing when you’re telling your friends about this great new product you bought, but it’s a very different story when you’re looking to make money off of that endorsement. Getting permission to sell is a major factor in selling any kind of branded product.

Keep Your Storefront Clean

Have you ever gone into a retail store and been faced with shelves and displays of clothes just tossed around in piles with no organized sections to be found? It can be a bit overwhelming, and chances are it made you not want to shop there. It can be a similar feeling for users who find a TikTok Shop that hasn’t been properly organized with categories and tags. 

It will only benefit you to dedicate time to properly labeling all of your products to ensure they can easily be searched and represent what the product is. Doing this, along with providing high-quality photos, can be one of the factors that sets your shop apart from others. If you can search for a product, easily find it, see what it looks like, and understand what it does all from the listing, your TikTok Shop is in a great spot.

Use Dream Logistics to Store Your Product, Fulfill and Ship Orders, and Communicate with Customers

While TikTok has resources sellers can use to ship their products, we believe that using a third-party solution offers you the most control over your product and creates a better customer experience. As a Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) provider, we offer much more than just shipping to make running your shop a breeze. Here is just the beginning of what Dream Logistics can provide for you:


Do you have a ton of products but aren’t quite sure if you have the space to store them all? At Dream Logistics, we provide warehousing services so that you don’t have to worry about the hassle of finding space for your growing business. 


Once an order comes in, you can just sit back and watch our team work. We will receive the order and immediately begin the pick-and-pack process for the product that was ordered. We will always keep track of your inventory and make sure you have the most accurate view of what products are still available and what needs to be replenished. After completing our quality control check to make sure the product is in free of defects, we’ll begin the shipping process.


We will ship your product to customers and provide tracking throughout the entire process. This way, both you and the customer can get the latest updates on where the package is and when they can expect to receive it.

Customer Communication

Whether a customer wants to share a great review or has a problem with their order, we work directly with you to provide timely and comprehensive responses to customers to make sure that you maintain your positive reputation. People love to purchase products from people who are quick to engage with them.

Do What You Love…but Make Sure You Do It Right!

We love the opportunities TikTok shop gives to people who otherwise may not get the opportunity to sell their amazing products. While it can be a slow process to grow your store, our goal is to see you thrive as you achieve goals you didn’t realize were possible. However, remember that the success of your shop rests on more than just your personality and a great product. You also need a fulfillment process that people can come to trust. 

So, if you’re ready to spark the growth of your TikTok Shop, contact us at Dream Logistics today. We’ll walk you through the entire process and see how we can best work together to make your dream a reality.

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