We Based our Warehousing and Distribution in Louisville, KY: Here's Why

Picture yourself shipping a large number of products from across the globe. Your products travel across the ocean, and when it arrives…there’s nowhere for them to go. The chassis are all in use, and now your product is sitting in a shipping container, costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars. Suddenly, you’re contacting one place to try and pick up your shipment, another place to store your shipment, and maybe another place to distribute it from storage. The entire process has become significantly more complicated. However, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be. 

Here’s how Dream Logistics serves you with our location and services:

Louisville, a Prime Logistics Location

At Dream Logistics, we purposely put ourselves in an optimal location that helps us serve you at the lowest possible cost. Based in Louisville, KY, we are within a day’s trip of two-thirds of the United States. 

As a 4PL (Fourth Party Logistics) provider with warehousing and transportation services, we can pick up your shipment and store it until it’s ready to be delivered. Then, when that time comes, we can also complete the delivery for you.

You’ve quickly gone from juggling multiple companies to having one company handle everything for you. This saves you from countless phone calls with people you aren’t always sure you can trust.

Ohio River Distribution

As a city located right along the Ohio River, Louisville offers a prime opportunity for cost-effective distribution. The 981-mile-long tributary of the Mississippi River provides nationwide access to major midwest, southern, and east coast cities.

At Dream Logistics, we can coordinate with waterway shipping companies to distribute your product without you having to move a finger. We handle the entire process for you while providing shipment updates and confirming the delivery.

Easy Transport Access to Major Interstates

Louisville has easy access to 3 major interstates: I-65, I-64, and I-71. These interstates begin and end in states like Alabama, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, and Virginia. Just from these three interstates, a major portion of the country is covered. 

This allows our Dream Logistics Intermodal Services to easily transport your products by truck to any destination in the United States. With less driving through cities and more time on interstates, money is saved on fuel, shipping time, and labor costs.

If you still find yourself questioning whether or not Louisville is a great place for warehousing and distribution, consider the fact that UPS, one of the nation’s largest logistics companies, is investing over 600 million dollars in the Louisville market. 

Louisville, Kentucky, is a growing city that boasts several significant benefits to those looking for warehousing and distribution solutions. With Dream Logistics, you’ll be working with a company that can do it all for you while working to maintain a lasting relationship with you for future projects. We do this by focusing on what we call the “3 C’s”: Coordinate, Communicate, and Care. We understand the importance of doing things the right way and on time. 

So get in touch with us for all of your logistics needs. We’re always here to help.

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