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When you do a job as difficult as being a truck driver, you want to be sure that your employer takes care of you. With the stress that can come with long hours, heavy lifting, time away from family, and fluctuating gas prices, the last thing you want is to come back to people who don’t appreciate what you do. Plus, lack of appreciation aside, many companies will shortchange you without you ever having a clue.

At Dream Logistics, one of our core values is to be Transparent Communicators. This means that no matter who you are, we want to be 100 percent open and honest about what your job is and what you are being compensated for it. In addition, as one of the premier providers of warehousing space and transportation solutions in Louisville, we must maintain a team culture that rewards hard work and builds trust.

When it comes to the costs of making a delivery by truck, many factors come into play:


The haul is the most recognizable cost involved with truck driving. The company you work for is charging companies to transport a product. That base cost is known as the haul. Many trucking companies will tell you that they compensate you for 90 percent of a job. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? But they’re actually giving you 90 percent of the haul, which is only part of the total delivery cost. 


These are all the costs that most companies want to keep hidden from you as a driver. This includes pre-pulls, chassis, splits, and redeliveries. So here is a quick picture of what you think you’re getting versus what you are getting:

Quite the difference, isn’t it? Accessorials make up a considerable portion of delivery costs, and by keeping you in the dark, companies can pay you less money while they make more.


Let’s not forget another significant factor that plays into the cost of delivery: fuel. With gas prices fluctuating daily, you want to be sure that the cost is factored into your paycheck. 


You thought you were making 90 percent of the delivery cost! But the unfortunate truth is that you are making less than you think. Once you add Accessorials and fuel costs, your large portion of the haul doesn’t add up to much. Many transportation companies don’t want you to catch on.

Why Dream Logistics?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, we are all about Transparent Communication. Before you ever sit behind the wheel of a truck, we will break down your portion of the delivery. And don’t worry, it’s not just the haul. 

Dream Logistics doesn’t want to hide any of the compensation you deserve, which is why we pay 70 percent of the haul, 85 percent of accessorials, and 100 percent of your fuel. You don’t have to spend too long doing the math to realize that you are getting a much bigger piece of the pie. 

So join our team at Dream Logistics, and be part of a team that not only cares about you but gives you the compensation you deserve.

And check out this video to get an even better idea of the Dream Logistics difference:

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